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Welcome to Apex Productions
Until further notice Contact Jason Von Reigns for all Apex Production needs..

  We are a family friendly run business. The company was originally founded in Year 17 Day 239 by the Car'Das Smugglers . In the Year 18 Day 37  Apex Productions bought the company and  all it's rights to conform them unto the company you see here today. We are a proud , loving , friendly run manufacturing company. Our company is ran by Kam Spider. We believe in a happy environment. Happy people make better employees.  We at Apex Productions are a neutral company that serves all with pride. We believe in trust and loyalty."

Philosophy & Competitive Advantages

       Lots of people say, “a good idea can come from anywhere.” We live that principle and have a long history of creatively solving our clients’ business challenges. Our multi-disciplinary structure allows for true collaboration to arrive at these creative solutions, and we value that same kind of collaboration with our clients.

Apex believes that every employee should be provided the opportunity to grow as their employment stipulates. We regularly evaluate our members for their active service, efficiency, leadership potential, and ingenuity.  Quality service leads to increased responsibility. Our  Company offers a variety of directions in which to specialize ones personal skills.Apex also believes that members should be provided only the very best in ships, weaponry, armor, and compensation. We have the resources necessary to offer members the use of state-of-the-art technology. We expect the best of our people, and therefore provide them with nothing but the best in return.

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